Interactive Online Events

Our Next Milestone for Digital Content.

Leaving the Era of Text

Real-time communication technologies are already changing the way millenials communicate, consume and produce digital content on popular platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram or emerging platforms like Houseparty and Twitch.


Our Mission

Using real-time video and audio technologies EventSpace aims to become the platform for creating and running online events. But not only that.

Our mission is to foster a culture, where online audiences not only passively consume content but also become an active part of the dialogue surrounding a topic.

We want to bring the unique experience of in-person events like conferences and meetups to the online world. Offering content creators and their audiences the space to not only share information but also actively participate in moderated group-discussions, socializing-formats, with EventSpace we want to become the ice-breaker between creators and audiences.

Online interactions shouldn't be limited to one-tap reactions and quick comments, but rather face to face discussions with small groups of people, similar to what happens when we attend in-person events.

We believe, that the participative way of consuming content will have a significant impact on the user's online behavior and their digital happiness.

With an online format which combines knowledge sharing, entertainment and social interactions we have the ambitious goal of creating the next milestone for digital content.


Alexandru Nita, Product Designer and Founder

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